National Conference 2013

Another great LNFYS conference! Download the presentations and read about the workshops from our November conference.

Widgit Resources

 For 'Let Nature Feed Your Senses' we are excited to be using Widgits to help school groups and families explore farms and the countryside. Have a look at our 'Farm Day Out' pack.

Evaluation results

The project has had a positive impact on the health and well being of 11,800 visitors over the past three years, read the research report for further details.

LNFYS You Tube channel

We have over 60 clips on our You Tube channel - animation winners, farmyard sounds, rural memories, outdoor activities, interviews and more. Do have a browse.

Free sound library

Listen to the squeals, squeaks, sniffles, snuffles, whirrs, slurps, drones, creaks, crackles, bleating and baaing. The sounds of the countryside are available to listen to now or for free download.

See our photo gallery

 girl looking at an insect she found under old carpets in a wood

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Natural England Lottery Funded


Visit a farm or nature reserve

Unfortunately our funded visits have come to an end, however the map below includes the contact details of the farms and nature reserves that are a part of our Let Nature Feed Your Senses network.

Our visits in Let Nature Feed Your Senses were funded for:
  1. People who have a disability
  2. People who live in an area of high social deprivation (10% most deprived Super Output Area, regionally)
  3. People aged 65 or over
  4. School children who either have a disability, live in an area of high social deprivation or attend a school that has been unable to previously access farm visits

Two children watch cows being fed hay. One boy strokes a cow's head.