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Health, safety and access

On this page you will find resources on implementing the new ‘Code of Practice’ and some useful tips, metrics and suggestions for improving access on farms.

Improving access on farms

There are a variety of challenges for people with mobility or sensory impairments and many elderly people on a working farm. Whilst a working farm is never intended to be a ‘visitor centre’ there are some adaptations that can be made to make more of the visit experience accessible. Measurements, tips and options for steps, gradients, paths, widths, toilets and seats and perches are included in a set of cribsheets to help you make effective changes.

Download the ‘Improving access’ cribsheets here

Code of practice

Following recent outbreaks of E. coli O157 and Cryptosporidium, farmers who invite members of the public onto their farms have developed a new Code of Practice. The purpose of this Code of Practice is to help ensure visitor health and safety by providing sensible, practical and proportionate guidance on preventing or controlling ill health at visitor attractions.It has been produced by the industry and is aimed at the owners, operators and managers of such visitor premises.

It provides guidance, including pictures and real-life case studies, of practical measures that you can apply at your premises to help you comply with the law and keep visitors safe. The examples are from businesses, ranging from conventional farms that open to the public for one day a year to attractions that may cater for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Download the Code of Practice Summary  [177kb]

Download the Code of Practice  [2meg]

Advice to teachers and others who organise visits  [115kb]