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Farmyard sounds

Take a listen to our collection of recordings – grunts, squeals and baas, creaks, whines, rustles and crunches, clatters and clangs, all recorded especially for ‘Let Nature Feed Your Senses’.

They are free to download and you can use them however you like, to get ready for a visit to the farm, to remember your favourite animals from a visit, or even in a film or animation.

You can download the files in zipped batches by clicking on these titles: Farm animals general [4.3Mb], Farm animals pigs and piglets [4.2Mb], Wild plants and animals on farms [3.8Mb], Farm machinery [5.8Mb], Farmers at work [6.5Mb].


Moos , baas, oinks, squeaks, squeals, barks, clucks and cheeps

Chugs, clanks and clangs, rumbles and grumbles

web_lnfys_-_feeding_calves_with_milkFarming tasks
Squelches, sloshes, rustles, clicks, crunches and bangs

All sounds recorded for Let Nature Feed Your Senses by Susie Emmett, Green Shoots Productions