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Animal sounds

thirsty sheepdog drinks water after working

busy wild bees outside their nest in a tree

calf drinking bucket of milk

sheep hurriedly nibble up pellets of food from a metal trough

sheep walking up into livestock trailer and tailgate shut behind them

buzzy call of a tiny grasshopper on a sunny day

two three-day old pigs venture out of their home to explore

15 hungry orphan lambs excited to be fed and then each suck milk from a bottle

hooves of two horses being taken acroos yard to field on wintry day

summer birdsong at field edge with trees not far away

farmer takes bag of food to field and sheep get very excited

busy wild bees buzzing outside nest in farmhouse wall

two pigs enjoying eating apples

one shy and two confident pigs chat as they investigate something new

thirsty teenage pigs suck water from a tank and get out of breath

excited pigs being given hazel branches and they search for the crunchy nuts to eat

ten two-day old piglets suck at their huge mother and she grunts to encourage them

cows in conversation

160 sheep cross shallow river with farmer and dogs

ram drinking quietly joined by ram who drinks noisily

wood pigeons

riding a pony

a cow pees

forty sheep running past on a farm track

20,000 chicks going cheep


grandpa sheep – the old ram_-calls

teenage cows moo

single chick cheeps out from the crowd

the sniff of a one tonne bull