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About Sensory Trust

Sensory Trust is a UK charity promoting and supporting inclusive environmental design and management to build richer connections between people and the natural world. The Trust’s multi-disciplinary team combine expertise in environmental management, community engagement, training delivery, site access review and planning, communications and information design.

Sensory Trust is experienced in addressing the barriers to access that prevent use of the outdoors by socially excluded communities, particularly older people, disabled people and families and carers. All aspects of accessibility are covered, from physical access and site design, through information and interpretation, to education and policy issues. In reality, access improvements and engaging through the senses benefits a wide range of people, for example people with mobility impairments, young children, older people and people with chronic health conditions. These improvements also benefit families, friends and carers.

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About LEAF

LEAF works to “inspire and enable prosperous farming that enriches the environment and engages local communities”.

LEAF develops management tools and sets up demonstration sites to show farmers the principles behind Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and how profitable farming and nature conservation go hand in hand. LEAF also gives the public an insight into sustainable production and consumption through farm visits and in the market place with LEAF Marque.

LEAF works nationwide with over 70 demonstration sites, hosting visits to invited groups, and attracting some 14,000 visitors annually. With over 18 years of experience identifying sites and farmers to engage with the general public, LEAF is well placed to ensure relevant and enjoyable encounters with nature.

LEAF Marque provides a strong independently verified food quality assurance scheme that takes the consumer right back to the provenance of their food and gives farmers the recognition for their environmental commitment.

LEAF takes every opportunity to ‘connect’ with the general public. LEAF’s ‘Open Farm Sunday’ is now the farming industry’s annual open day. In 2009, 430 farms welcomed a massive 140,000 people to experience a taste of farming and the countryside.

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