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Sensory-rich activities

Over the course of the project we explored activities and resources that help make the connection between nature, food and farming. Check out ideas for using nature palettes, sound maps , picture frames or building a bug hotel – all things to do at home, school, on the farm and in the countryside. We are excited to also be using Widgits to help school groups and families explore farms and the countryside.

Have a look at the resources, games and activities we have posted so far and come back again as we will be adding to them over the coming months

Farm on a plate
Where does your plate of food come from?

explore farming on a smaller scale

Poetry dice kit
Think you can’t write a poem? Think again

Hoop and Loop
A breakfast treat for the birds

Farmyard Bingo
Everyone loves a game of bingo! And this one comes with extra farm flavour

Sound activities
Take a moment to stop and listen to everything around you

testimage168pxSeed Bombs
Guerilla gardening! Seed bombs loaded with wildflowers will brighten things up a bit

p1110777Drawing with stuff
Play with your food!

img_4122-1Growing a sunflower
Big. beautiful and fun to grow. How high with yours go?

hen_640_x_369Felt making
From sheep to fleece to felt to whatever your imagination comes up with