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We asked farmers and nature enthusiasts to tell us about plants and animals, their homes, how they grow, the tools they use and what they are passionate about. Have a listen to their short audio stories and get in very close to nature, food and farming!

Are you a teacher?

This guide has been developed to help you integrate these audio stories easily into your lessons. They are ideal to bring the sounds of nature and farming into your classroom to engage your pupils in the wonder of the natural world. A range of classroom activities are provided, along with links to the National Curriculum in England. The list of activities is not exhaustive, as many of the audio stories lead themselves to literacy and numeracy learning, as well as other cross-curricular approaches. Download the guide, select a story below and have a listen!

web_1_beak_and_toolBird’s beaks
Looking at birds beaks or bills is a bit like being in a farmer’s tool shed.

web_lnfys_-_wet_calf_noseWonders of cows
Jo loves her cows, you can hear it when she describes them!

web_framing_henFeeding hens
Have you ever heard a dawn chorus of chickens?

potting_up_boy_with_downs_syndrome_528x480Leaves we eat
Sally’s fields of leaves are a colourful work of art.

Matthew tells us all about his favourite tool, his tractor!

web_2_8Feeding sheep
Andrew’s sheep are so keen for their breakfast they sound like a rugby scrum!

Roly’s dog Belle’s his best friend and one of his most important tools on the farm.

picture1Roots we eat
Sally introduces us to the many colours of root vegetables in her farm shop.

web_1_5Seeds of life
Seeds for food for people and seeds for wild birds and animals.

web_2_3Mill the seed
Listen to the power of Mark Abel’s wind-powered mill stones grinding fine, warm flour.

web_4aOur daily bread
Bev and her visitors grind, knead and pummel to bake bread. Delicious!

web_2_9Bug hotel
These skyscraper homes for insects and small animals are beneficial for everything!

web_2_6Beetle bank
Andrew tells us about the beetle bank between his fields of onions.

winter_2010Winter is wet
Andrew describes the winter tasks he does when it is too wet to get out onto his fields.

web_lnfys_-_feeding_calves_with_milkStory of milk
Take a walk with Jo on the daily milking routine.

wheatSummer sensations
Summer is never lonely with birds, insects and farmers busy in the fields.

web_2Fertilizer factories
Andrew digs up some clover, home to millions of bacteria making fertile soil.

swallows_on_wireSwooping swallows
Did you know a swallow only weighs as much as a pound coin?

wheel_1 - CopyBusy barn
Andrew is putting down bedding for his ewes in his barn which is also a winter home for baby barn owls.

web_2_7Bird’s nests
Ever wondered what it’s like inside a bird’s nest? Have a listen to Dave and find out!